About Us

Our Company

Coral International was founded  7 years ago. We are the biggest company in Banyuwangi and Bali. our qualities is the best and we have the largest quantities as well. our company is near from the airport. it tooks only 15 minutes. We have been striving to provide world-class service and highest quality ornamental marine livestock from the coral reefs of Indonesia. We are certified member of Indonesian Coral, Shell and Fish association. we always support for new developments, legal trade of live corals, trade link and export license CITES for coral since 2015.

Coral International focus to lead the global market of ornamental marine livestock through high-end innovative and reliable products, high-tech equipment, and talented people. The company business approach has been to collaborate with our global customers and partners for a long rewarding mutual benefit; to maintain sustainability of supply with responsible conducts to preserve coral reef habitat.

Our facility is design with state of the art technology. Equipped with advanced support system, we ensure all of our livestock are maintained at high quality and vigorous condition at all time. Our experienced staffs are able to assist customer’s needs regarding logistics, general inquiries, as well as providing helpful solution. Our operation teams are always ready ship your order with the best packaging procedure that suits temperature and weather condition of designated area. All of our livestock are handpicked and checked vigilantly prior to shipment, only the healthiest are sent.

You can choose our products through our collection of photographs . We are ready to provide examples of photographs that we have. Once you decide to choose one of our products , we will prepare and maintain the delivery of the product as good as possible until the item you come to you. We are gladly inviting our customers and prospective customers to make appointment and visit us whenever you are in the area.

Our Mission

Your procurement partner for marine needs

Our goal is to deliver exceptional coral, invertebrates and fishes globally with excellent service. Its our dream to make marine corals easily accessible worldwide regardless of geographical location. We believe every aquaria hobbyist on earth should get equal opportunity to acquire any type of corals they preferred without any hassle. We bring to the world a collection of diverse and unique corals of Indonesia Sea. We deliver quality marine products at affordable prices.

We utilize our experience to provide the best service and products to our customers. Our focus is to provide customers delight with superior offering of corals and services. We believe building relationship with our customers is fundamental part in our operation. In Coral International, we don’t just send corals but we give more than what our clients want.

Its our objective to surpass customers expectation by accommodating different customers preferences with variety of corals and logistic support. We strive to continually adapt new method and operation system to improve our already outstanding products. Its our determination for perfection that always pushes us to search for better marine pieces in terms of species, variety and color.


We acknowledge volatility nature of ocean is influence by businesses. Coral International take considerable time, effort and investment to develop sustainable marine conservation program. We are committed to minimize environmental impacts from our operation. We initiate proper aquaculture, coral propagation and good reefing practices with environmental benefit in mind. We are one of the first companies to invest in sea culture farming at nearby remote island. This system will facilitate propagation, plantation and growth of corals directly from ocean.

Our ocean farm is solely established to propagate corals. We fragment it by breaking small part of corals and plant it as a seeds on customs base plug along the reefs. We leave it overtime to grow and collect it once it becomes individual colony. We set long term goals in all our actions to achieve sustainable business to local seas. We recognized our responsibilities grow as our business expands, considering impact of our actions is an essential part of our operation that made us different than any other exporters.